Cabin Crew Jobs

Do you have a dream of becoming an airline cabin crew? AfriAviation Solutions offers you the perfect portal to fulfill your dreams of pursuing a career in the skies. We are the fastest rising portal for cabin crew recruitment in Africa, increasingly trusted by some of the leading airlines and private air charter companies in Africa and the rest of the world.

We understand that competition for cabin crew or air hostess jobs is extremely stiff throughout the world. That is why we are offering you a recruitment portal where your skills can shine through and where you can get a fair opportunity of being hired by any of the leading airlines in the world.

We offer a hiring portal where you can upload your CV which is then searchable by a select group of airline recruitment managers who use our services. Once uploaded, your CV will not be publicly available but it can be accessed by airlines that have signed up on our portal. With airline managers carrying out hundreds of searches on our recruitment portal every week, you have a good chance of landing yourself that dream cabin crew job that will take you places.